My Journey Out New Age Spiritualism – Laura Maxwell’s Story.

Laura live on Revelation TV, Europe.

On Revelation TV – Europe & USA

As my story was just published in Premier Christianity, Aug 2016 edition, I’m reposting this old post for those new to my blog. It’s a great honour to be featured in the UK’s leading Christian magazine and I am so grateful to God for this opportunity to share His love and power with others.

My Journey Out New Age Spiritualism – Laura Maxwell’s Story.

 (Taken from the About page).

We sincerely hope to humbly contribute to the journeys of those on a spiritual quest!

Do you enjoy ghost hunting, spirit communication or the paranormal? Maybe you explore esoteric or metaphysical interests, eastern mystical practices, or evolving spiritualities?

Perhaps you follow an ancient path based on Paganism? Do you practice Magick, Wicca, Neo-New Age, or the Occult?

As an open-minded seeker of truth, please consider hearing from myself and others steeped in such lifestyles. Discover secrets we experienced via supernatural realms and where it eventually led us.

When I was a Spiritualist, I was taught the New Age agenda – to recruit masses globally to Luciferianism and the New World Order. In those days, I fully agreed with such plans. Now, I’m aware of the truth behind it all! As supernatural whistleblowers, we expose inside secrets from top spiritual leaders.

Silence is consent. If you care, please share.

Silence is consent. If you care, please share.

Unfortunately, those like us are not often seen in the popular media. The world tends only to hear the one point of view, which is of course biased reporting! A spiritual form of propaganda is occurring. Even within scientific communities, they claim to portray ALL theories of any topic of debate. But with ‘spirit communication’, our ‘theory’ is rarely given air time!

You may suspect this is a conspiracy theory, so please use your critical thinking skills. Research online for hard evidence to back up our claims!




In 1996, I began to disclose my own private experiences. From 2008, I’ve been very privileged to share regularly on satellite TV and radio shows, broadcast over Europe and USA. Some of them are included in the playlist below.

The below interview on The Kev Baker Show has been one of my personal favourites!

Some of my TV interviews were requested by and aired on various Christian and secular TV channels across Asia, Russia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

I also host a weekly talk show on Eternal Radio. On ‘The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell.’ I interview international guests, who share their dramatic true stories, eg, Ex Mediums, Ex Psychics, Ex Witches, Ex Pagans, etc. Some of them are authors or have also shared their stories on TV.

Laura's article in Direction Magazine Dec' 2012. Sold across the UK.

Laura’s article – Direction Magazine Dec’ 2012. Sold in Wesley Owen & Faith Mission stores & churches across the UK.

My story has been featured in various Christian, secular and Spiritualist magazine articles, newspapers, a site of the leading Occult awareness ministry of 30 years in the UK, one of the leading Occult awareness sites in USA, other well known ministry websites and blogs. (Most of these people listed, have appeared on TV – please see the links).

Other overseas ministries have translated it into, for example, Croatian, Danish and Hindi for magazines and TV. (It’s currently being translated into Spanish and Portuguese).

In 2013, it was included in two new school books, now being used in secular schools across Australia and New Zealand.

It was an honour when EX Satanist, Jeff Harshbarger, asked me to write a chapter for his 2nd book ‘Dancing With The Devil,’ published in USA, by Charisma House, 2012. (I wrote a review for his first book). Jeff has been a guest on many Christian TV and radio programs in the USA and beyond.

My book A Spiritual Quest & Jeff Harshbarger’s book, which myself & others contributed chapters to.

My book A Spiritual Quest & Jeff Harshbarger’s book, which myself, Killer Son of Sam & other Ex Occultists contributed chapters to.

Another well known US preacher and TV evangelist is including my testimony in a new book, due to be published in late 2015. (Details here, once released).

It’s also been an honour to be a guest speaker in churches, venues & conferences across the UK, or radio stations around the world.

During which, I share my testimony, or teach about the New Age, Occult or also the ancient spiritual roots of Halloween.

Plus I expose evil crimes committed by some Satanic and occultic groups on Halloween. (See my interviews with Ex Satanists over the years).

Please read the dramatic events of my story below, or watch my above YouTube playlist, which shares in more detail.

For similar stories of my friends and others, please see the Ex New Agers directory section at the top of this blog & Suggested Links in the column on the right.

Or see my YouTube channel which features dozens of similar true life videos.

truth 6

Speak the truth with love & respect, not with disdain & arrogance. Anyone can do that!

‘If it is not truthful and not helpful, don’t say it.
If it is truthful and not helpful, don’t say it.
If it is not truthful and helpful, don’t say it.
If it is truthful and helpful, wait for the right time.’

1 Peter 3:15 … be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.

1 Peter 2:17 Show proper respect to everyone …

ೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒೋ ೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒೋ ೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒೋ

All the ministry Laura undertakes, whether on TV and Radio, or in public, is entirely voluntary. She gives of her time freely. She sometimes writes free BOOK REVIEWS for authors of a similar genre.

This site and particularly the FAQ section (coming soon), were partly created due to the large response from people who contact Laura and the amount of time it takes for her to reply.

Laura can be contacted to prayerfully consider requests to perhaps speak in your venue, conference or church in the UK.

For enquiries, please email her Personal Assistant on

Or contact her Facebook page A Spiritual Quest,
or YouTube Channel

Many thanks indeed for visiting today, your time is appreciated! We hope you find it useful and will return soon. God bless you!

Laura Maxwell’s Story.

‘What New Age Spiritualism Means To Me Now.’

Supernatural phenomena interested me since childhood. I loved reading children’s books containing ‘ghost stories’, or watching TV programs about ‘ghosts’. If Harry Potter had been written then, I’m sure it would have been one of my favourites.

A few psychic episodes as a child added to the intrigue I felt. My mother’s uncle lead a Spiritualist Church and was also high up in Freemasonry. Mum had also experienced psychic events since her childhood, but didn’t pursue it seriously until later. By the time I began Secondary School, she felt ready to explore further. Once, when walking her dogs in the park, a Medium approached. He saw her potential as a Medium and invited her to a local Spiritualist Church in Glasgow, Scotland.

Very quickly, Mum became totally engrossed by the supernatural. As a new member of the Spiritualist Church, she attended Sunday services, mid week psychic development groups, Yoga classes, etc. She shared everything she learned with me. I also became fascinated. Her heart’s desire was to train in Mediumship. The other Mediums encouraged this, asking her to join an Open Circle and to meditate with them to channel ‘spirits of the deceased’. Mum was keen to develop her abilities of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience and to learn from other Mediums.

Every time Mum booked a Private Sitting for a Life Reading with a resident or visiting Medium, she’d buy a recording of the session and we’d listen to it later. It amazed me that a half-hour recording could contain so much explicit communication from alleged ‘spirits’. Specific facts were relayed about our lives, in minute detail. Precise names, places and dates were often given. It was obvious the Mediums weren’t charlatans, falling upon names by sheer chance. They accurately described the physical appearance, personalities and even repeated common phrases of our apparent dead relatives, as they conversed with spirit entities.

I also joined the Spiritualist Church in Glasgow. Mum and I devoured mystical books on Yoga, opening the chakras, Crystal Healing, Reincarnation, Alternative Therapies, etc. Attending New Age Centres and Psychic Fairs, we absorbed as much information as we could to help in our ‘spiritual enlightenment’. With our passion for environmental and conservation concerns, social justice and international peace, we gladly participated in attempting to heal people and animals, through either contact or distant psychic healing.

We also read books on positive thinking. A favourite was, ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’, by Norman Vincent Peale, a 33rd degree Free Mason, who also believed in Clairvoyance, claiming to see his dead father at meetings.

Going Deeper

Laura's season as a goth

Laura’s season as a goth

Eventually, we attended Transfiguration Sessions. Mum developed in the area of Automatic Writing. Mediums predicted I’d become an author on behalf of Spirit Guides and a Psychic Artist, drawing portraits of ‘dead relatives and Spirit Guides’ for clients. I very briefly experimented with Kirlian Photography; using infra red film I captured images of ectoplasm as it formed.

Over the next 10 – 15 years, we’d often hear of Mediums who could no longer control when spirits spoke to, or through them. Many Mediums had nervous breakdowns. Some attacked people claiming their Spirit Guides had forced them to, or were admitted to psychiatric wards.

We heard reports of ‘poltergeist activity’ in Medium’s homes. At first, we accepted explanations that mischievous or obnoxious spirits could sometimes come through and it was a potential hazard of the job. But when it happened to us, it became intolerable and impossible to function properly.

Our beloved friends, the other Psychics and Mediums, kindly tried, but failed to free our home from spirits. The spirits spoke to Mum constantly, giving her no rest, depriving her of sleep, attacking her physically, chapping loudly from within wardrobes, slamming all the doors, etc.

On one of the occasions when they forced her into a trance against her will, she was frying food. When she came out of trance, the kitchen was consumed by fire. I arrived home after the Fire Brigade had extinguished it, just before it spread to other rooms. We all realized Mum, our dogs and cats could have been killed. One afternoon, Mum’s elderly Aunt who had also visited Spiritualist Churches, felt invisible hands grab her and throw her down our stairs. Her wrist was broken. Another day, while approaching shops, I watched in horror as Mum was lifted from the ground and catapulted from the pavement, landing on the bonnet of a passing car. This particular incident happened more than once.

Hellish Encounters

Naturally, we decided to withdraw from Spiritualism and kindly asked our ‘Spirit Guides’ to leave. To our shock, they laughed and insulted us. They began to physically attack us. This was deeply perplexing, as they’d provided guidance and kindness for many years! It became obvious they’d clearly deceived us, pretending to be benevolent, when in reality they were wicked all along.

It dismayed us that all the Spiritualist Mediums and Psychics we knew and dearly loved, had clearly been deceived too. After all, it was they who had introduced us to those spirits. They’d also assumed such ‘Spirit Guides’ and ‘friends’ were genuine.

However, the biggest shock came when even our supposed ‘dead relatives’ turned against us too! They also mocked and hit us. The spirits warned we couldn’t leave the occult, as we had unknowingly granted them control from the first day we invited them into our lives! It became clear to Mum and I there was something dangerous and deceptive in Spiritualism and forms of spirit communication, if even the Mediums who had brought our fake ‘spirit friends’ to us had not discerned their true spiritual identity.

A Christian Encounter

‘You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free’, John 8:32

Susan, a Christian I’d met in a Psychology Tutorial, at university, invited me to her Pentecostal Church. She explained other Psychics who had experienced similar tragedies were set free from spiritual attacks when they accepted the Biblical Jesus Christ as their Saviour, (not the New Age false Christ).

I did feel an atmosphere and presence in her church I’d never known and I hungered for it. When they prayed for healing and spoke in tongues, I senses instantly they had a supernatural power, but I wasn’t sure what it was! To me, Jesus was just a Healer and Medium.

That night when I returned home, the spirits were furious that I’d visited the Pentecostal Church. I was sure they’d try to kill me. (To learn more of those few days, please watch my TV interviews!)

I cried out to God in sheer desperation. I asked if He was real, to please speak to me through a bible I found. I had a divine revelation the bible was totally true, so renouncing Spiritualism, I came to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I received Him as my Saviour and asked Him to cleanse me from all sin. Finally, I had saw the light. I had found truth. I had found Love Himself! Much to my own surprise, I had become a Christian, something I thought I’d never do! Never say never folks!

The very next morning, a Romany Gypsy appeared at my door. I’d been thinking about her for hours and now there she stood! She said she had got born again and that Jesus had sent her to tell me I was now on the right path! I began attending the church I’d just visited.

A Darker Tragedy Strikes

Just a few months later, during my 2nd year at university, Mum’s health deteriorated & her ‘Spirit Guides’ became more violent and even threatened to control her and use her to kill people. Mum’s doctor couldn’t accept poltergeist activity and was sadly diagnosed as Schizophrenic. Mum was detained in a Psychiatric Hospital, much to the utter shock of my Mum and myself.

Although my Mum gave her heart to Jesus a few months later, the Pentecostal Church I’d joined had no experience at that point, of helping people like Mum. At that time, they didn’t have the Deliverance Ministry. As a baby Christian myself, I didn’t yet know there were Christians who could’ve cast those demons out of my Mum in Jesus Name. After months of heavy sedation, the psychiatrists discharged her, but when she returned home, she endured further harassment from spirits. Sadly, the church I belonged to didn’t yet have experience of casting demons out of homes or people.

My pastor was young and inexperienced. He assumed mum and I were just over imaginative or mentally ill. So, we received no help. To my utter shock and dismay, my mother committed suicide.

Although not rare for someone to do … over the past couple of decades I’ve heard of many around the world, affected by the New Age or Occult have been in psychiatric wards or killed themselves. Therefore, I feel it emphasizes the crucial importance for Christians to embrace the Deliverance Ministry, more commonly known as Exorcism, and become God’s instruments to release freedom to such tortured people in Jesus Name.

(Over the years as a Christian, I have been honoured and delighted that the Holy Spirit has used me to see people & homes be set free from demonic harassment/poltergeist type activity, etc). “Greater is He (Jesus), that is in you; than he (satan) that is in the world.”

My chains are gone!

Soon after, I found another Pentecostal Church. It was experienced in Deliverance prayer – casting out demons. The co-Pastor, visited my mum’s home, successfully cleansing it the first time they prayed. At the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, all the spirits left and never returned. Praise God! Later, I sold Mum’s home without worrying the new tenants would be harassed.

The Pentecostal Church I attend, doesn’t serve up dead religious traditions or control. Instead it’s lively, loving and joyful. Members are trained by the Holy Spirit to prophesy of the future. Minds and bodies are healed and other miracles, signs and wonders occur. Actually, in a couple of years I saw more people healed in Pentecostal Churches than I ever saw in over ten years at Spiritualist meetings.

Deception Exposed

When I became a Christian, even before I had read the Biblical warnings of the Occult in Deuteronomy chapter 18, I suddenly saw the truth. I instinctively realized what had happened. The missing piece of the jigsaw slipped into place. When our ‘dead relatives and Spirit Guides’ began to attack us, it indicated those lying evil spirits had deceived us, merely impersonating our loved ones. It made complete sense when Christians explained from the bible, it’s impossible for dead souls to return to talk with us, as they remain in heaven or hell for eternity.

Also, the bible describes spirits are evil ‘fallen angels,’ or demons. They’ve existed since before creation. They possess vast psychic knowledge of our families & historical figures down the generations. Like ‘shape shifters’ from movies, they can easily disguise their evil form to pose as our ‘deceased family,’ to mimic ‘Spirit Guides,’ or any famous celebrity that ever lived. With their supernatural powers they can perform many false miracles. Through hypnosis etc, they can even produce false visions of your ‘former lives’.

They are masters of disguise. The Bible says that entities who work through Witches, Mediums, Ghost Hunters, etc, are called ‘familiar spirits’. They are psychic and very familiar with how all your ancestors looked and spoke, as they were on the earth at the same time. Thus, these entities can impersonate them perfectly. The Hebrew word for familiar spirits actually translates as ‘demon,’ evil spirit.

This is emphasised in passages such as 2 Corinthians 11 to 14 : “And no wonder! For Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.” The evil spirits working through Spiritualism, Ghost Hunting, etc, are evil demons. They serve Satan to deceive precious Mediums and others, appearing as dead relatives, Spirit Guides, ascended masters, goddesses, Reiki healing guides, aliens, fairies and so on. (Please see my article on how to ‘Test The Spirits’, or watch my TV programs on this crucial topic.)

The counterfeit nature of spirits makes sense, because many top Mediums even claim that Lucifer is god and the source of all psychic powers! (Benjamine Creme, David Spangler, Madam Helena Blavatsky, etc). They believe Lucifer is still an angel of light; god; the Saviour, and that he did not fall and become Satan, as the Bible states. Thus, Luciferianism is one of the roots of the New Age and Spiritualism. Madam Helena Blavatsky, a self proclaimed Luciferian Medium, was called the ‘mother of the New Age movement’. (Please see my article or watch my TV programs on this topic.)

Before I left the Occult, I was unaware the Bible lovingly advises in 1 John 4 verse 1 to 3 : “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God … every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus has come in the flesh is not of God … And this is the spirit of the Antichrist …”

Please see my note with directions on how to Test The Spirits, in the menu bar at the top. I’ve known countless numbers who have challenged Guides and other spirits, to show their true identity, in Jesus Christ’s name. Often they scream as they reveal their true evil form.

A Crucial Observation

Since I left Spiritualism and became a Christian, I have never been contacted by any spirit claiming to be a ‘dead relative’ or ‘Spirit Guide’! All such supernatural activity stopped, when I found the truth, that they were demons impersonating family or spiritual beings! You’d think, if they were truly real, they’d still try to ‘contact’ me!

Sharing With Others

About Jesus

When a Spiritualist, I’d regarded Jesus as just a cosmic force; part of the universal consciousness, a reincarnation of another god or great Healing Medium. Since my conversion in 1994, I’ve met, spoken to & read of many Ex Psychics, Ex Gypsies, Ex Mediums, Ex Witches, Ex Luciferians, and even Ex Satanists. They all discovered the entities of their ‘Spirit Guides’, ‘dead relatives’ or ‘goddesses’, were not who they claimed to be. These people were also set free from demonic attack after receiving Christ into their lives & receiving His overwhelming love and deliverance into spiritual freedom, (Exorcism).

Two successful Glasgow Mediums, Sadie Bryce and Geordie Aitken also became Christians. Sadie went to the same Spiritualist Church I did. She spoke of her occult past in BBC programs and an audio recording. Paul Watson wrote a book detailing Geordie’s experience. As Christians, Sadie and I wrote to each other and I met Geordie several times, discovering we all had been misled by deceiving spirits in the same ways. Geordie himself lost friends to demonically induced suicide. He spoke on my behalf at my mum’s funeral.

Jesus healed me of a phobia and physical conditions. He has given me joy and peace I simply never knew existed. His very tangible Presence of pure love is more real than any powerful encounter I experienced within Spiritualism, New Age or Mystical practises.


The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell, on Eternal Radio.

The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell, on Eternal Radio available on

I now host a weekly show on Eternal Radio. On ‘The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell,’

I interview international guests, who share their dramatic true stories, eg, former Mediums, Psychics, Witches, Pagans, Satanists, etc.

Some of them are authors or have shared their stories on TV and radio.

Since 2008, I’ve shared my life story, in churches, on satellite TV and radio. Since the start, I’ve felt delighted & blessed to hear from people worldwide. They share they’ve also been saved out of the New Age and Occult – by the transforming, mighty power of our loving Saviour and Friend, the Lord Jesus Christ. Some say it was my testimony that helped lead them to Jesus. Hallelujah!

A Final Word

I continuously hear from more people who are turning away from Spiritualist Meetings, Tarot Card Parties, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and all other spirit empowered practises.

Laura in a studio during a radio show in Scotland.

A live show, Revival Radio studio, Scotland.

A few years ago, I completed a testimony-based novel, containing some detail of events Mum, our friends and I experienced within the occult.

It also contains some wonderful encounters with Jesus and angels, very different from what we experienced in Spiritualism.

As it’s self published, it’s only available directly from me, but will be on Amazon, etc, by mid 2015!

If you’d like to order a copy of my book A Spiritual Quest,  please email her Personal Assistant on


If you feel led to pray for Laura’s ministry, or for the audiences who hear her speak, it would be so very appreciated.

Thank you very much!

'You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free'

‘You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free’, John 8:32

Laura Maxwell is the Founder of ministry A Spiritual Quest.

Her ministry is accountable to a Board of Advisors, including her Pastor, who oversee her.

They are respected and experienced Christian leaders from ministries in the UK and USA.

Psalm 96:3 ‘… That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all Thy wondrous works.’


Disclaimer : Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, or guest articles on her blog!

Are your friends tormented by spirits? If you care, please share. Your silence is consent. Expose demonic lies. Spread the truth to liberate those trapped in darkness, “… you will know the truth and The Truth shall set you free.”

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♫ Laura’s radio guest – Tim McKinney ‘s Story – Occultists received Miracles at Halloween!


On Halloween, for years, Tim McKinney has saw miracles while praying for occultists at Halloween occult street parties in Edinburgh, Ireland and other countries. Satanists, witches, new agers coming to faith in Jesus, people being physically healed and more!

At these events, there are many stalls with mediums, tarot card readers and so on, offering to use their supernatural abilities for clients. But Tim and his Christian friends prayed for people and Jesus healed them!

Maybe his story will inspire you to do this on Halloween? I did it one Halloween in Edinburgh too and I’ll NEVER forget it. (See my post).

Instead of moaning about Halloween, let’s get out there and share the love of Jesus with folks!

Tim sent me photos of him praying with goths, punks, etc, on the streets at Halloween. I would share them here, but can’t find them. Sorry!!! No, I’m not saying all goths are occultists, before you email me! I was a goth when I was a new ager, so I understand.

Just one story of a transformed life. Please read this  message a guy wrote to Tim on his Facebook page.

Tim McKinney

Tim McKinney




The show airs this Friday and Saturday from 8-9pm UK, 12-1pm PST, 2-4pm CST, 3-4pm EST.

It will be REPEATED over the next two weeks on these days:

  1. Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 2-3am GMT, 6pm PST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST.
  2. Then also repeated the following Friday and Saturday at 8-9pm GMT, 12-1pm PST, 2-4pm CST, 3-4pm EST.

To hear Laura’s show online at the above times, please visit Tune In Radio at

You can also hear other great shows by a variety of presenters on Eternal Radio.

Listen On Tablet, On Smart TV and On Smartphone. Listen through a variety of listening platforms. Why not visit to find the best one for you? Or get the free ER listen app from Apple or Google Play. The app has other great features such as: social media integration and contact links all built in!

Unfortunately, Eternal Radio has no podcast service yet, but Laura’s shows can be heard on her YouTube Playlist. See below:

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Click this link for her Guest Schedule – For Archives and upcoming guests!


Are your friends involved in paranormal or occult practises? If you care, please share my blog posts. Your silence is consent, so please expose demonic lies!

Spread truth – Christ’s love and goodness liberates those trapped in darkness, “… you will know the truth and The Truth shall set you free.”

Psalm 96:3 (NLT) ‘Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things He does.’


Please pray for ‘The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell’, if you feel led. Please pray, those God wants to reach, through this show will hear it. My guests and myself would so appreciate your prayers too.

Many thanks indeed! All glory to God. God bless you!

Disclaimer: Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles or other features on her blog or radio show!


Many thanks for taking time to read and share the above post. For similar posts please visit my blog Your Spiritual Quest.


Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show.

Laura does not get paid for writing in books, magazines or appearing on tv, radio or at events. All of her ministry work is of a voluntary nature.

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FREE Book GIVEAWAY from Laura Maxwell and other authors!

Ally Tower's book contest

Ally Tower’s book contest



To enter the FREE GIVEAWAY, please see Facebook pages of  Ally Tower or her publisher Robert Marchuk. You can’t enter through me, so please contact them! Many thanks, Laura Maxwell.

As Halloween is approaching, perhaps this book would be an eye opener for any of your loved ones involved in the occult, witchcraft, wicca, ghost hunting, new age, yoga, satanism and so on. All of the authors share their testimonies in these books!

What do authors Laura Maxwell, Mike Shreve, S.A. Ally TowerKristine McGuire, Deborah Hawkins, Sheri Hadley, Marcia Montenegro, Mike Morton, Victoria Shephard and April Gemma Marie Blake all have in common?

Most of them have spoken on tv or radio, including my radio show, The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell. They have life-changing Ex Occultist testimonies.

They are all participating in this give-a-way.

Contest starts 10/23 and runs through 10/30. Contest rules will be posted 10/22 on S.A. Tower Facebook Author page:

Maybe you’ll be one of the 8 winners! To enter please see Facebook pages of Ally Tower and Robert Marchuk.

Most of the 8 authors have been guests on my radio show. You can hear those shows on my Youtube Playlist below.

Previous books by Ally Tower From The Craft to Christ and Taken From The Night.

By author S.A. Tower, Ex Wiccan, as seen on TV.

By author S.A. Tower, Ex Wiccan, as seen on TV.


Many thanks for taking time to read and share the above post. For similar posts please visit my blog Your Spiritual Quest.


Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show.

Laura does not get paid for writing in books, magazines or appearing on tv, radio or at events. All of her ministry work is of a voluntary nature.

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History of Halloween and Why Other Cultures Celebrate a ‘Day of the Dead’ too.

Such an informative article, I decided to blog it! It’s by Bodie Hodge of AIG.  For a list of Halloween posts from my blog, including my own TV interviews or my radio interviews with Former Occultists, please see my link.

This article includes a short video clip and suggested resources.


Halloween History and the Bible


When did this holiday begin and why? How should Christians view this day in general? To understand these questions further, we need to go back to the roots of Halloween.

In the United States (and other countries), Halloween has become one of the most popular unofficial holidays. On the up side, retail sales boost the economy around this holiday.1

On the down side, the holiday has become a time of increased crime in many places (especially arson and other acts of violence) on Halloween night as well as the night before. Even the author’s house was robbed one Halloween by forced entry. So, although the retail industry loves Halloween, many police officers and insurance companies dread it! Of course, there is also a tremendous amount of occult activity associated with this holiday.


Kids and even many adults love getting dressed up for Halloween. And they love the candy, of course. It’s just innocent fun, isn’t it—or is it? But let’s think carefully and biblically about the history, nature, and impact of the holiday.

When did this holiday begin and why? Was it of pagan origins or is there something more behind Halloween history? How should Christians view this day in general? To understand these questions further, we need to go back to the roots of Halloween.


When Did Modern-day Halloween Get Started?

In the early 1900s, the migrating Irish and Scots brought Halloween traditions to the United States. Over time, Halloween catapulted into mainstream culture.

The holiday, though, has roots reaching much further back. Some researchers claim that the holiday can be traced back about 2,000 years to the Celts of Europe, who occupied parts of Ireland, the United Kingdom, and northern France.2 It was a pagan festival called “Samhain” (pronounced “sow-in”) that celebrated more or less the honor of the dead and involved the offering of large sacrifices of crops and animals.3

Although no original written accounts of this festival exist today from the ancient Celts, there is some reference to it in Roman records from when the Romans conquered Celtic lands around AD 43. Under Roman rule, the day of Samhain was influenced by Roman festivals of the time. The first was called “Pomona,” which was a type of harvest festival, and the next was “Feralia,” the Roman day of the dead. Interestingly, both Feralia and Samhain were festivals of the dead and celebrated at the end of October.4

The Name “Halloween”

Around AD 600, Pope Boniface IV created All Saints’ Day, and Pope Gregory III later moved this holiday to November 1 in an effort to give a Christian alternative to this pagan celebration.5


Christians who did not want to celebrate pagan festivals celebrated something of positive spiritual value—in this case honoring the saints and martyrs. With the overwhelming expansion of Christianity in Europe, All Saint’s Day became the dominant holiday.6

In fact, the current name of “Halloween” originates from the day before All Saint’s Day, which was called “All Hallow Evening”; this name was shortened to “All Hallow’s Eve” or “All Hallow’s Even.” The name changed over time and became “Hallowe’en.”

A couple hundred years later, the Roman Church made November 2 All Souls Day to honor the dead. This may well have been influenced by the continued persistence of the day of the dead by the ancient Irish, Scots, and others in Europe. Standing against this, many Protestant Christians celebrate October 31 as Reformation Day in honor of reformers such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others who spearheaded the Reformation in the 1500s.

Demon impersonating a loved one

Demon impersonating a loved one

Other Cultures Have a “Day of the Dead”

Although many affirm that Samhain was the origin of modern-day Halloween, it is significant to note how many cultures throughout the world have celebrated a “day of the dead” (often with sacrifices), occurring at the end of summer and fall. There seem to be too many parallels to call these similar celebrations a coincidence.

For example, in the Americas there is the Mexican Day of the Dead (El Día de los Muertos) that goes back to the ancient festival of the dead celebrated by Aztecs and the more-ancient Olmec. This was likely where the Guatemalans got their Day of the Dead.

Brazilians also celebrate Finados (Day of the Dead). Bolivia has the Day of the Skulls (Día de los Natitas).7

In Asia, there are similar festivals. For example, the Chinese celebrated The Ghost Festival, which was a day to pay homage to dead ancestors. The Japanese celebrated something similar called O-bon or merely Bon. Even Vietnam has a variant of the Ghost Festival called Tet Trung Nguyen. In Korea, there is Chuseok or Hankawi, in which deceased ancestors are ritualized. In Nepal, there is the cow pilgrimage called Gia Jatra to honor the recently deceased. In the Philippines, there is the Day of the Dead (Araw ng mga Patay), where tombs are cleaned and repainted. The list goes on and on (see reference 5).

The annual Jewish holiday of the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) is celebrated in the fall, usually September or October.8 But it is distinctly different in purpose. It is not in honor of the dead. Rather, it deals with soul searching, repentance, and is a time of great sacrifice for the sins of the people (Leviticus 23:27–28). So, there is some cross over, but God instituted this date.

Archbishop Ussher

Archbishop Ussher was the 17th century historian who compiled The Annals of the World, a history covering every major event from Creation to AD 70.

Though the origin of this date, specifically for the Israelites, can be traced to Moses, the day may well have been chosen by God going back to previous events, as famous Bible chronicler Archbishop Ussher pointed out (the approximate day Adam and Eve sinned, according to Ussher’s calculations, and God’s subsequent covering of their nakedness with animal skins).9

What Is the Original Source for Halloween?

It seems no coincidence that cultures all around the world in both present and ancient times have had a holiday when the dead were remembered and animals were sacrificed. We can make a pretty strong argument that this holiday goes back to a time when all the peoples lived together—and then they took this holiday to various parts of the world.

Otherwise, it seems strange and difficult to explain how these cultures developed celebrations that are so similar. This would likely push the true origin of “Halloween” and these other “days of the dead” to the time before the dispersion at Babel (Genesis 11), over 4,200 years ago, after which different early cultures began to vary in its practice.

Noah’s Ark

According to Archbishop Ussher, the time frame between these events was about 106 years, with the Flood ending in 2348 BC and the dispersion occurring about 2242 BC. In this time frame, Noah would have still been alive, and Noah’s sons, too. We are not given much information in Genesis about the wives of Noah or his three sons, but Noah’s son’s wives were busy having children after the Flood, producing a total of 16 grandsons for Noah. And then their children had children, and so on!

There have been several reasons suggested for so many cultures having a day of the dead. Consider these:

  1. Were the days celebrated in honor of an ancestor or group of ancestors after they died? Perhaps the day was to celebrate at the time when a great patriarch or matriarch of a given family that left Babel finally died. The death of a great ancestor would happen to each culture sooner or later. But the odds of most of them dying in the late summer/fall is very low; therefore, it would be more difficult to explain the holidays all being at about that time.
  2. Was it a harvest festival of grains and animals, which were prepared for winter, thereby signifying death? Then, later was this festival transformed spiritually to honor the dead? This might explain the sacrifice of animals and why the holidays occur in the fall. But it fails to address why each culture deviated toward a spiritual day of the dead. Also, this doesn’t make sense for cultures that are in the southern hemisphere, where September and October are spring, not harvest time.
Tower of Babel confusion
  1. Did Noah’s wife die soon after the Flood and this day honored her? By the time Ham had fathered Canaan and sinned against Noah (which was before the dispersion at Babel), Noah’s wife is not mentioned and conspicuously absent, and Japheth and Shem (Noah’s sons) were left with the task of covering their father’s nakedness after he got drunk and lay uncovered in his tent (Genesis 9:20–27). One would suspect that Noah’s wife should have had this responsibility, but she is nowhere mentioned. Had Noah’s wife died fairly early prior to Babel, this well-known matriarch’s death would have been remembered by each culture after the dispersion at Babel. But there is no mention or reference to a great woman (rather than a multitude of ancestors), which would be expected if this were the case.10
  2. Did Satan, the one who comes to kill and steal and destroy (John 10:10), move throughout all the pagan cultures after the dispersion to develop these days of the dead? Though this is possible, it seems Satan would almost have to have an omnipresence and omnipotence about him to do such a thing. And although Satan would like us to think he has these attributes of God, he doesn’t. (NOTE ADDED BY LAURA MAXWELL: I’d argue that demons can certainly do the above, as is witnessed by many paranormal experiences down the ages and cross-culturally and that it is one of their assignments).
  3. Was it a day to remember those who died in the Flood and a continuation of the sacrifices that Noah made after coming off the Ark? Because the celebrations call for the remembrance of the dead and have sacrifices, it is reminiscent of the large sacrifice that Noah and his family performed after the Flood. This would also explain why many other cultures have a variant of this regular sacrifice. When Noah and his family exited the Ark, they offered sacrifices to God (Genesis 8:18–9:1); of course, deviations in the manner of this sacrifice over the years and its meaning would have varied down through the ages. Based on the evidence, this seems to be the most likely explanation.

Other Christians in the past have recognized this connection. For example, Alfred Rehwinkel, a professor of theology at Concordia Seminary, realized that nations throughout the world had a similar day of the dead, and he directly related this to the Flood of Noah’s day.11 John Urquhart pointed this out as far back as 1931, soon after the holiday of Halloween gained prominence in the United States.12

Due to the many, varied accounts of celebrations of the day of the dead around the world, I would strongly suggest that its origin was a time when people groups were still gathered together or had closer ties. Is the event of Noah’s sacrifice where the day of the dead really originates? It is possible.

It was a time when there was a sacrifice to cover sins and a reminder why death reigns in this sin-cursed world. It was a spiritual time, a time when people remembered that a sudden disaster, the global Flood, took virtually the entire population because of sin. Consider Noah for a moment: he even lost brothers and sisters in the Flood—the grief would have been overwhelming (Genesis 5:30). Halloween’s roots could easily extend this far, but there should be no dogmatism about that being the case.

Why Sacrifices?

Proper sacrifices in the Bible were associated with sin and death. This goes back to the first sacrifice in Genesis 3:21 when the first two humans (Adam and Eve) sinned against God. The perfect creation that God had made was now marred with sin that deserved death (Genesis 1:31;Deuteronomy 32:4; Romans 5:12).

The Bible says that the punishment for sin is death (Romans 6:23; Hebrews 9:22). This is why we all die (return to dust)—we all sin (Genesis 3:19; Romans 3:23). Due to their sin, Adam and Eve were ashamed of their nakedness. So, God made coats of animal skins to cover their nakedness. God sacrificed animals to cover this sin.

In a fashion similar to God, Abel offered sacrifices from his flocks (Genesis 4:4), and Noah did the same after the Flood. Later, the Israelites did this as well, giving sin offerings of lambs, doves, etc. as God commanded. But the blood of animals is not enough to remove sin; it is only enough to cover it temporarily (Hebrews 10:4).

Finite animals could never really take the infinite punishment from an infinite God. These instances of sacrificing animals were foreshadowing Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God—who, as the perfect infinite sacrifice on the Cross (Hebrews 9:26, 10:12), fully paid for our sins so that everyone who trusts in Him will be saved and given eternal life (John 3:16–18).

World map

With most of the celebrations of the days of the dead, sacrifices are involved. This suggests that cultures around the world understood this concept of sacrificing to God to cover sins. A Christian should expect this, since all people groups have descended from those at Babel. So, logically, when people migrated to different parts of the world after God confused their language, they took the concept of sacrifice with them. Of course, their methods and meaning of sacrifice changed and varied over the years, and the true intent was lost.

For those who don’t think that Halloween has Satanic implications, please consider these words of Anton LaVey.

For those who don’t think that Halloween has Satanic implications, please consider these words of Anton LaVey.

This can be used as a tool for Christians to share the good news of Jesus Christ—by showing the true meaning of what sacrifices are and showing that Jesus was the final, perfect sacrifice, making sacrifices of animals no longer necessary. Sin and death (which sacrifice was a continual reminder of all the way back to Adam) have been conquered by the Son of God, and the free gift of salvation is now offered.

If the days of the dead really have their roots in Noah’s sacrifices, then consider this: the Lord has even given the command to Christians to celebrate in remembrance of this final sacrifice—it is called the Lord’s Supper. Paul says:

And when He had given thanks, He broke it and said, “Take, eat; this is My body which is broken for you; do this in remembrance of Me.” In the same manner He also took the cup after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in My blood. This do, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me.” (1 Corinthians 11:24–25)


The Evils of Modern-day Halloween and What a Christian Can Do


satan demon attack 1

It should be obvious from a Christian perspective that many modern practices of Halloween and days of the dead have evil intent (e.g., 1 Corinthians 10:20). There has been considerable paganism that has been associated with Halloween over the years.

Even evil acts such as vandalism, fires, destructive pranks, pretending people are something they are not by dressing up (and particularly by the glorification of sensuality, death, and demons) are in strong opposition to the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:19–23). So, a word of caution must be given to Evangelicals who promote some of the questionable modern practices of Halloween.

If anything, an alternative in opposition to Halloween should be offered by Christians. Psalm 24:1 points out that everything belongs to the Lord. Therefore, there is no reason to let Satan have Halloween. It is not his day in the first place!

When Satan tried to tempt Jesus, he offered Jesus something that was not his to offer (Matthew 4:8—all the kingdoms of the world). Jesus obviously didn’t succumb because it wasn’t Satan’s to give, nor did Satan exercise any authority over Him. Many today believe that Halloween is Satan’s day and recommend staying away from it.

But recognizing such a thing would be to disregard that Satan owns nothing and that all days belong to God. Christians can take this day and make better use of it, such as by celebrating Reformation Day, a harvest festival of praise for a God who provides, an extra day of the Lord’s Supper to remember Christ’s sacrifice to end animal sacrifices, and so on (Colossians 2:16–17).


So where do you go from here? Please encourage your pastors and elders to have some sort of church function to counter modern practices of Halloween. Of course, one of the only nice things that Halloween really has to offer could also be involved—sweet treats (in moderation of course)!

If a Christian alternative is not possible in your location, then take advantage of this opportunity to share with people the message of the gospel and how Jesus Christ has conquered death and the forgiveness that can only be found in God when you greet “trick or treaters.”


Death is a terrible reality for all of us—not something to celebrate or treat as fun. Death is the punishment for sin. Since all of us are sinners (Romans 3:23), we must realize that death is coming. But God is a God of grace and mercy, and in His love He has offered a means of salvation through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who suffered and died the ultimate death in our place. All who repent and believe can receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23).


Answers in Genesis and its Creation Museum seek to give glory and honor to God as Creator, and to affirm the truth of the biblical record of the real origin and history of the world and mankind.

Part of this real history is the bad news that the rebellion of the first man, Adam, against God’s command brought death, suffering, and separation from God into this world. We see the results all around us. All of Adam’s descendants are sinful from conception (Psalm 51:5) and have themselves entered into this rebellion (sin).

They therefore cannot live with a holy God, but are condemned to separation from God. The Bible says that “all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23) and that all are therefore subject to “everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of His power” (2 Thessalonians 1:9).

But the good news is that God has done something about it. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

Jesus Christ the Creator, though totally sinless, suffered, on behalf of mankind, the penalty of mankind’s sin, which is death and separation from God. He did this to satisfy the righteous demands of the holiness and justice of God, His Father. Jesus was the perfect sacrifice; He died on a cross, but on the third day, He rose again, conquering death, so that all who truly believe in Him, repent of their sin, and trust in Him (rather than their own merit), are able to come back to God and live for eternity with their Creator.

Therefore: “He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God” (John 3:18).

What a wonderful Savior—and what a wonderful salvation in Christ our Creator!





  1. I am hesitant to call this a holiday, since a holiday is a “Holy Day” and there is little, if anything, holy in today’s Halloween. But for the sake of this article, I will call it a holiday.
  2. The Celts were descendants of Gomer and were often equated with ancient Gauls or Galatians. For more on this see the book Tower of Babel: The Cultural History of Our Ancestors, Bodie Hodge, Master Books, Green Forest, AR, 2012.
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  7. “Day of the Dead,” Encyclopædia Britannica (Chicago: Encyclopædia Britannica, 2008) and Wikipedia, “Day of the Dead.”
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  11. Alfred Rehwinkel, The Flood: In the Light of the Bible, Geology and Archaeology, 17th Printing (St. Louis, MO: Concordia Publishing House, 1951), pp. 169–171.
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What does Halloween actually celebrate?

Throughout the United States, Halloween, along with its variants across the world, has become one of the most popular unofficial “holidays.” Department store lines are filled with people buying candy, costumes, and decorations. But what does Halloween actually celebrate? Bodie Hodge addresses the origin and purpose of Halloween, while showing its roots in Paganism dating back to times before Christ and potentially prior to the dispersion at the Tower of Babel. Throughout this powerful teaching, Bodie continually looks to what the Bible says about the topics as he reflects on how we as Christians should respond.


The above post was taken from

For a list of Halloween posts from my blog, including my own TV interviews or my radio interviews with Former Occultists, please see my link.



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On Halloween – Ex Shaman, Donald Holsclaw’s views.

autumn leaves

My perspective on Halloween by Donald Holsclaw, former shaman.

I was into rock and roll early in life and loved dark things, I loved  the band Kiss with the scary make up, breathing fire and lots of blood. I also loved horror movies and getting scared so I grew up loving Halloween.

I remember back when I was about 12 years old going to McDonald’s where they were doing face painting for Halloween and getting painted up like Paul Stanley of Kiss. Man, I thought that was so cool. As I grew older my life grew darker as I got into bands like AC~DC, Motley Crue, WASP, Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osborne.

I loved the dark music and I began using drugs and alcohol in my early teens. I read a lot and was interested in reading about the occult but didn’t practice it at that time. I was interested I guess because most all my favorite bands sang about it and used all the occult symbols and stuff.

I had friends who were practicing occultists who would tell me about their rituals and calling up demons and things like that, I loved to hear about it but I didn’t have any interest in taking part yet. It wasn’t until I started using a lot of hallucinogens and getting into the Rock band The Doors that I actually started wanting to practice the occult for myself.

I was scared of satanism and witchcraft and thought the religion shamanism was a safe alternative. I watched the movie The Doors and had learned Jim Morrison was a shaman and that they considered their music shamanistic.

I was a reader of High Times magazine and in the adds they advertised a book called Psychedelic Shamanism and stated experimenting with it while using acid and other drugs. I had some very spiritual experiences and really thought I was on the right path. It wasn’t until something my mother said that made me question if what I was doing was wrong.

She asked me if what I was doing could be eating of the forbidden fruit  that was mentioned in the Bible. That made me think and then soon after a program came on the History Channel about Prophecy. I decided to watch and what I saw really got me to thinking. It had a lot about Bible Prophecy and I got interested because all those predictions from thousands of years ago seemed to be coming to pass.

I was not raised in a Christian home though my grandparents took my sisters and I to church with them occasionally. I decided to go buy a Bible and to see for myself what the Bible really said. The first book I read was the book of Revelation. I didn’t get far before conviction set in, it was within the first week of reading that I fell on my knees and asked God to save me and to change me, I knew I could not change myself.

I soon after trashed all my rock and roll stuff and I had thousands of dollars worth of stuff. I got into my Bible and could hardly put it down, I wanted to know everything that was in it. I wanted to know everything about Bible Prophecy and about the coming of the Lord.

I started buying everything I could find on Bible Prophecy, books, videos, tapes, God gave me a hunger for truth and Bible Prophecy. He also gave me a hate for evil and deception and I started reading about the occult from a Christian perspective.

I found an old VHS tape about Halloween at the local Bible bookstore so I purchased it, I wanted to learn everything I could about everything spiritual. I already felt that Halloween was evil because it was all about darkness. I watched the video and it really got to me, I seen people who were saved out of satanic families testify of ritual abuse that happened to them during Halloween.

They told of babies being sacrificed as a offering to satan on Halloween night. They told how they would still relive it and have flashbacks of what happened to them and what they saw every Halloween.

Watching that really affected me and I was dead set to let other Christians know what Halloween was really about and the evil that took place on that day, I was sure they would want to know, boy was I surprised. I would try to tell them and most just didn’t want to know.

Donald Holsclaw

Donald Holsclaw

I would try to get them to watch the video and most would just say no. I still have the same problem today, most don’t want to know the truth about Halloween. It really bothers me to see churches go all out for such a dark and evil day, some even having haunted trails and other such celebrations.

Today on Facebook and friend’s blogs, I try to share the truth and to expose Halloween but very few pay any attention to my Halloween posts. I think it’s just the times we are living in. I know the Bible says that there would be a falling away in the end times and we are in those times.

We are living in a time when people don’t want the truth but are dead set on doing what they want to do I believe we are in the very last of the Last Days  and that Jesus is coming really soon. I want to be found faithful when he comes. Please be found faithful and standing against evil when Jesus comes.’

Donald Holsclaw an ex shaman.


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Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show.

Laura does not get paid for writing in books, magazines or appearing on tv, radio or at events. All of her ministry work is of a voluntary nature.

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HalloVenn – Pioneering Event – A Celebration of Friendship!


HalloVenn is Norwegian for “Hello Friend” – A Celebration of Friendship!

HalloVenn’s Site

Svein-Robert Solberg is a Norwegian with vision! He is a pioneer, a forerunner with this unique HalloVenn venture. He kindly gave me permission to share this post. I’m grateful to Laila Soleglad for translating it from Norwegian for you!

She wrote, ‘Laura, I am SO excited that you will blog this and it’ll be known outside the borders of Norway.  I hope other countries will start similar celebrations. It’s now popular to arrange in many towns and cities in Norway. With many adult leaders, sports, handcrafts, playing, activities, candy and good costumes, celebrating friendship. It’s called HalloVenn or “Hello Friend”. I’m a co-worker in my local HalloVenn-Party. I love to be engaged in this,’  Laila Soleglad 

From an article promoting HalloVenn in a local newspaper in Norway:

HalloVenn in Norway

HalloVenn in Norway

HalloVenn in Norway

HalloVenn in Norway

HalloVenn –HelloFriend! 

HalloVenn Party –The biggest Party of friends in Norway!

Vision and Theme:

  1. A positive alternative to Halloween celebrations.
  2. HalloVenn Party facilitates children to do something positive and fun together. The party is a unique possibility to create friendships.

Together we make Norway a better place to live in. Good friends – everybody needs a friend. –Be a friend!

We believe that Norway can be a better place to live in for everybody. hrough HalloVenn we wish to promote some simple principles.

Let us be good to one another, care about each other. Start to say ”hi” and smile to the people you meet. That is guaranteed to make the day better for the people you meet. HalloVenn puts focus on good, pleasant and nice things. Let us together bring joy to one another.


What is a HalloVenn-Party?

HalloVenn is a relationship-creator and bridge-builder where all people are welcome regardless of skin, color, culture and religion.

-Carnival with creative, funny, nice costumes

-Lots of fun activities


-Smiling leaders

-Good atmosphere

-Building relationships.

In some places they have managed to gather the entire community around HalloVenn!

HalloVenn is a fantastic relationship-builder which puts friendship on the agenda. We advice you in Norway to get collaborators within your local area. There has been most success in those places where this has been done. Possible collaborators can be the Parents Council Executive Committee at school, local churches, sports-teams, other groups and organisations.

HalloVenn is more than an alternative to Halloween!

Everyday life is for many children youths and adults characterized by bullying. And harassment. Daily, we read news about bullying and harassment in schools and at workplaces and online.

Individualism and egoism is spreading fast in Norway today. On TV we watch reality-shows with intrigues and negative behaviour and these are the most popular programs. Egoism takes larger and larger ground in the lives of individuals.

We believe it is important that somebody stand on the barricades and stand up for the GOOD ETHICS and presents something that is far better!

Contact Info:

Svein-Robert Solberg 

Hello Friend – Norway AS
Grønnegata 33
2317 Hamar


Phone: 412 96 003

Here is HalloVenn’s site

HalloVenn-founder, Svein-Robert Solberg.

HalloVenn in Norway

HalloVenn in Norway


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Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show. Laura does not get paid for writing in books, magazines or appearing on tv, radio or at events. All of her ministry work is of a voluntary nature.

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New series WiccaLeaks by Author and ExWitch, S.A. Tower.


Ally Tower

On Halloween, Ally a wiccan, had a powerful encounter with God!

Laura Maxwell interviewed friend and author S.Ally Tower, on Friday the 13th on her radio show last year. LISTEN here!


“Dear friends, as you may know, a big name in today’s current news and media is an organization called WikiLeaks, a journalistic organization that publishes and exposes secret information, news leaks, and classified media to the world.

Following in that tradition, my friend and guest from one of my shows… ex-witch and author (S.A.) Selah Ally Tower has created a series of short, personal videos entitled, WiccaLeaks.

S.A. Tower has recently ran across some VHS tapes from 1993… this dates back to when she was an initiated witch. Her friend Robert and her used to correspond back and forth, sharing during those years via e-mail, phone and at times, even sending videos of their differing lifestyles and opposing faiths, while living on opposite coasts of the United States.

Since finding these lost videos, Ms. Tower has incorporated actual footage from back in her pagan years and her current spiritual Christian insight to share with the world.

The first in the series is entitled, “The Children”, posted here:



You may already know Ms. Tower, as she has written two books that touch on the occult and the supernatural power and love of God thus far, Taken From The Night: A Witch’s Encounter With God and her most recent, From The Craft To Christ: The Allure of Witchcraft and the Church’s Response.

Please check out this video and look for her to release a new video every week until Halloween!

We pray those who are lost in darkness will see themselves in these videos or in her eye-opening books, and will desire to look into Jesus to experience for themselves the revelation of God’s word and the power and love he pours out to all who thirst.

If you want to learn more about Ms. Tower and her videos and books, please go to:

Look for future releases in the coming weeks!”

Robert Marchuk, publisher of  S.Ally Tower‘s books.


Many thanks for taking time to read and share the above post. For similar posts please visit my blog Your Spiritual Quest.


Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show.

Laura does not get paid for writing in books, magazines or appearing on tv, radio or at events. All of her ministry work is of a voluntary nature.

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Book for Halloween by Laura Maxwell, Jeff Harshbarger, infamous killer ‘Son of Sam’ and others.

Looking for an alternative book this Halloween? Not interested in ghost stories or the horror genre? Why not consider our book?!


Dancing With The Devil by Jeff Harshbarger, Laura Maxwell and others.

Please see video below – my Anniversary Review of EX Satanist, Jeff Harshbarger’s book, Dancing With The Devil – An honest look into the Occult from former followers.

With chapters from Jeff, Laura Maxwell (myself), the infamous convicted killer ‘Son of Sam – David Berkowitz’, Vincent McCann, Kristine McGuire and others.


‘I was reading Jeff Harshbarger’s book on A flight home, which features a chapter by my Facebook friend Laura Maxwell. The man opposite me on the aisle seat tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Hope you don’t mind me saying, but that book seems to follow me everywhere I go.. I’ve read it’ lol
I asked if he was a Christian and he said, ‘No, I’m a witch’

I was stunned and not expecting to minister at this point but the Holy Spirit intervened to clear my mind and I remembered that I had the book ‘Witchcraft to Christ’ by Doreen Irvine in my carry on luggage.
I popped a Gospel tract in the pages and handed it over to him, saying,
‘I hope you don’t mind me giving you this book, but I feel it was Holy Spirit led’.
He thanked me and took it. His name is Billy.

Billy used the classic line… if it comes in Love and Peace.. it’s ok.. so a white witch I would think. Laura will you please add, that it was Rob Fry who gave me the Witchcraft to Christ book to read on holiday and it was Lisa Marisa that lent me her copy of your book? xx

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to share your Gospel.’ Stephanie.

Just one of the many testimonies we receive about our book! We always rejoice at such feedback. Praise God for His goodness.

Dancing With The Devil


In March 2013, Jeff wrote, “Thank you for your support everyone. Dancing with the Devil has been in the Top 100 E Books in it’s category for the last 6 months. It was in the TOP 100 Christian books in the UK. You have truly blessed our effort. I pray the book has informed, equipped and blessed you.”

We celebrated our book’s 4th year anniversary in September 2016! We are so grateful to the Lord, for the way it has helped so many people find hope and healing from Christ, since its publication release.

Jeff Harshbarger, Ex Satanist, is a Christian speaker, as seen on numerous TV and radio programs in the USA, Europe and beyond.

Kristine McGuire and myself are also published authors and have appeared on TV and radio programs. I also host a show on Eternal Radio.

To the glory of God, our book was released in September 2012, just in time for Halloween! Published by Charisma House–Strang Publishers, one of the leading Christian publishers in the USA.

Available on Amazon.

ೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღ ೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღ ೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღ

Please read below, for information not covered in my video, including reviews and extracts from the book. Taken from Jeff’s website : Refuge Ministries.

Jeff with a copy of his 2nd book in a store in Florida.

Jeff with a copy of his 2nd book in a store in Florida.

‘Jeff Harshbarger nearly lost his life to Satanism. After two unsuccessful suicide attempts and an offer to become a human sacrifice at Halloween, Jeff left his life of Satanism to pursue a life with God. Jeff, David Berkowitz (“Son of Sam”), and other former occultists share their harrowing tales of escape and redemption.

Chapters from Dancing With the Devil include stories from a former Witch, Vampire, Spiritualist, Satanists and the formerly demon possessed.

Spanish version of Dancing With The Devil.

Spanish edition

Harshbarger felt compelled to write this book so Christians can have a clearer picture of the occult and how to minister to those in its grasp. “Reaching occultists isn’t as difficult as you may have been taught to believe,” Harshbarger writes. “After all, they are just people with needs and desires much like yours.”

Each person in the book details their descent into the occult, what enticed them, and the dark realities they faced once they were in its grasp. They tell their stories of salvation, who witnessed to them and how Christians can reach others who are Dancing With the Devil. Available from and at WalMart, Barnes & Noble and other stores. Also in Christian book stores across the UK.


Vince McCann

Vince McCann, one of the co-authors.

“Despite the pervasive influence of the occult, many Christians are still not fully aware of what it is, how it operates, and why so many people are lured into its trap.” – Jeff Harshbarger.

“It may have been easy for occultists to throw out their occult paraphernalia and change their lifestyle, but it’s not always easy to walk away from the effects it leaves. This should surely be another deterrent for anyone tempted to dabble in the occult!” – Laura Maxwell.

“The last thing a demonic spirit wants is for an occultist to hear the gospel and allow the truth to set them free.” – Vince McCann.

“You may think occultists live on the margins of society, but you likely know someone who is dabbling in spiritualism, the New Age, or Eastern mysticism.” – Jeff Harshbarger.

“I was involved in the occult, and I got burned. I became a cruel killer and threw away my life and destroyed the lives of others. Now I have discovered that Christ is my answer and my hope. He has turned me from a path leading to eternal damnation in the lake of fire to the blessed assurance of eternal life in heaven. He can perform the same kind of transformation in anyone’s heart!” – David Berkowitz. (Also known as ‘Son of Sam.’)

“Everyone who has ever stepped into darkness has their own story of how Satan pulled them in—some barely saw it coming while others walked into occultism with their eyes wide open.” – Amber Rane.

Kristine with a copy of Jeff's book & her own book.

Kristine with a copy of Jeff’s book & her own book.

“Wicca is considered to be one of the fastest-growing religions in America, particularly among high school- and college-age women, a large majority of whom come from traditional church backgrounds.” – Kristine McGuire.

“People are never drawn into the occult because they are on top of the world and all is well in their little universe. Across the board, those who search out power from the occult are hurting, lonely, and afraid in many areas of their lives.” – Greg Griffin.

“As Christians who know the love of God, we need to help the occultist find what he truly seeks. Before I was born again, I encountered Christians who knew I was practicing Satanism yet never told me I was going to hell, condemned me, or came across with an attitude that said, “I’m right; you’re wrong.” They simply told me that Jesus loved me, and it was exactly that kindness from God that led me to repentance.” – Jeff Harshbarger.


Doug Harris, TV Host

Doug Harris, Revelation TV, Europe.

“The Occult in all its various disguises is causing havoc around the world. The need for good clear information both to explain to those caught up, what is going on and to help them overcome the various issues in their life, has never been more important than it is today. It is so easy to give advice to those needing help without really understanding what they are going through. Enter Jeff Harshbarger, he is not just a talker, he has ‘been there’ and knows what others are going through.
The last words in the book should be a message of hope to the thousands who are looking for a way out, “Now that we’ve talked to you about actually doing it, you have nine friends who are here to help you. Or if you are someone who has come out of the occult and you need someone to talk to who understands and cares. You can contact us.” Read, understand and know there are compassionate people waiting to listen to your story and give practical help.”
Doug Harris, Reachout Trust U.K. and Revelation TV.

Rev. Kevin Logan

Rev. Kevin Logan

” ‘Dancing With The Devil’ deserves its sell-out status and its high-sales rankings. It highlights many practices and beliefs that have damaged a lot of people over many years. It is a great resource to have as we approach Halloween once again. ”  October 2014                               Rev.  Kevin Logan,  Revelation TV and author of Paganism and The Occult.

“This is a helpful and needful book, because it is a unique approach to understanding occultism from a Christian point of view. Most evangelicals think of “the occult” as a vaguely defined but threatening realm of spiritual darkness and danger. Harshbarger has collected nine personal tales of occult involvement that bring clarity and detail to that murky image, and refine our abstract impressions of “occultism” into concrete discernments of its real dangers, and the real means of escaping from them. If you are dealing with occult-related issues — either in your own life or the lives of others — this book needs to be in your library.”
Brooks Alexander, author Witchcraft Goes Mainstream and founder Spiritual Counterfeits Project.

“Dancing with the Devil will touch your heart with compassion for those caught in the world of the occult, and enrich your mind with the knowledge to help them. Jeff Harshbarger provides a fast-paced and fascinating look into the realm of the Prince of Darkness.”
Jill Martin Rische, author The Kingdom Of The Occult

A store in USA.

A store in USA.

“I had the privilege of having Jeff Harshbarger as a Bible college student shortly after his deliverance from the occult. It was a thrill to watch him mature in his Christian life and then grow to the point of being able to minister to others caught in the grips of the occult. In Dancing with the Devil, Jeff joins with several other former occultists to bring us their spellbinding stories of their deliverance from being spellbound. This volume is far more than just intriguing true-life stories; it is a manual on how to break free from demonic chains and how to help others find true freedom through Christ. Dancing with the Devil is a must read for anyone trapped on the dark side and for everyone desiring to rescue others from the shadows.”
Delron Shirley, former Dean Indiana Christian University.

Dancing With The Devil by Jeff Harshbarger. With chapters by myself, Kristine McGuire, Son of Sam, Vince McCann & others.

Dancing With The Devil, Jeff’s 2nd book.

“Powerful and eye opening to the kingdom of darkness. Every Christian should read this book. We are in a real warfare and over half of God’s army are asleep.”
Cody Gunderson, Senior Pastor
Yosemite Lakes Community Church
Coarsegold, CA.

“One of the most difficult aspects of being a missionary to cults and false religious movements is the resentment they have for Christians who communicate false information about their beliefs. This is most true in the area of Satanism and the Occult. I have appreciated Jeff’s ministry and Dancing With The Devil is a helpful tool in educating Christians about the beliefs of those with these worldviews.”
L.L. (Don) Veinot Jr., President, Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc.

ೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღ ೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღ ೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღ

Our book celebrated it’s first year anniversary in Sept’ 2013! We’re so grateful to the Lord, for the way it’s helped so many people find hope and freedom in Christ, since its release.

If led to, please pray more New Agers and Occultists are given this book, perhaps even by a Christian, this Halloween! Instead of trick or treating, they could be reading testimonies of Christ’s grace and transforming power to change lives.

For TV and Radio reviews of our book, please see the below playlist on my YouTube Channel.

Many thanks and God bless you!
Laura Maxwell


Many thanks for taking time to read and share the above post. For similar posts please visit my blog Your Spiritual Quest.


Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show.

Laura does not get paid for writing for books or magazines or appearing on tv, radio or speaking at events. All of her ministry work is of a voluntary nature.

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Laura & other hosts – EVENT at Home of Eternal Radio – Oct 21st-23rd.

Last year, Laura Maxwell, Michael Cummins and Stephen Merrick were the speakers. Video highlights of that conference are on YouTube.

Light in The Darkness-Oct 2016

Weekend conference – October 2016

Just a reminder if you haven’t booked tickets yet!

A personal video invitation to Light in the Darkness 2016 by one of Eternal Radio’s hosts Jason Carter:

Oct 21st at 7pm – Oct 23rd at 1pm. Birmingham, England.

A personal video invitation to Light in the Darkness 2016 by one of Eternal Radio’s hosts  Laura Maxwell:

Light in the Darkness 2016

‘A weekend that will shine God’s light into the End Time darkness. Teaching on a variety of topics including End Time Prophecy and topics, that many often shy away from!

Don’t miss the opportunity to ask questions to our panel of speakers: Jason Carter, an end time prophecy author and author Laura Maxwell, a spiritualist who converted to Christianity and Michael Cummins, presenter of Grace and Favour on Revelation TV.


The Hlawndo Sisters

The weekend is wrapped up in powerful worship led by Colin Owen,  The HIawndo Sisters and Eternal Radio Co Founder Valma Merrick.

Come and join us – early bird tickets are still available but selling fast!


Light in The Darkness-Oct 2016


Friday Evening 7pm – Pastor Michael Cummins – Presenter of Revelation TV’s Grace and Favour and Eternal Radio’s Food For Thought.

Michael Cummins

Michael Cummins

Saturday 10am – Question and Answer Session with our panel: Laura Maxwell – Presenter of Eternal Radio’s The Supernatural, Jason Carter – Presenter of Eternal Radio’s End Time Hour and  Michael Cummins – Presenter Eternal Radio’s Food For Thought. This discussion will follow an End Times Prophecy talk by Jason Carter.

Jason Carter

Jason Carter

Please let Stephen Merrick know if you have any questions you’d like to address to Laura, Michael or Jason!

Laura Maxwell

Laura Maxwell

Saturday 7pm – Pastor Stephen Merrick – Eternal Radio Co Founder.

Sunday Morning 10:30 am – Contemporary All Age Worship Service.

Stephen and Valma Merrick

Stephen and Valma Merrick

Hollymoor Christian Centre/, The Old Chapel Hollymoor, Manor Park Grove, Birmingham, England, B31 5ER.

Facebook page: Hollymoor Community Church

See link to map.


The nearest hotel is the Premier Inn on Rubery Great Park, just a short 5-10 min walk to HCC. Adjacent to the Hotel is a Morrisons Cafe, Brewers Fayre, Chiquitos, Frankie and Benny’s, Hollywood Bowl and Cinema with cafe, so lots of food choices.
The hotel is just 5-10 mins from Longbridge Railway Station and on a number of major Bus Routes.

Premier Inn – Hotel link.


Folk are being drawn by His Holy Spirit from all over the country to attend Light in The Darkness… from as far away as Hull, London, Scotland, and Folkstone.
We are expectant and excited about this event which we believe will be a supernatural clarion call to arise and follow The Light!
If you have not booked your tickets yet, please go to our Eventbrite page and reserve your place for a wonderful weekend with great worship and teaching.

Tickets are priced at £10 for all sessions, or £5 for one session.

For full details see the Light in The Darkness Facebook event page.


This event will inform, equip and inspire the church responding to the trumpet blast from God to call His people together and sound the advance.

We look forward to seeing you at Hollymoor Community Church. Let’s celebrate and worship God together! This Autumn there is an alternative to the darkness! There is a Light shining forth in the world!’

Eternal Radio’s Co Founder Stephen Merrick.


Valma Merrick

Valma Merrick

Valma Merrick  is the Co Founder of Eternal Radio and also the Worship Pastor at Hollymoor Community Church.  To listen to or buy her worship album, please go to this Reverbnation link.

The Light is still shining and the darkness will never overcome it!

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Desiree Cooper freed from New Age, Wicca, Spiritualism and more!

A younger Desiree Cooper

A younger Desiree Cooper

Desiree Cooper‘s powerful deliverance from the New Age, Wicca, Spiritualism and more! My summary of her testimony is written below for those who can’t view this video in their country.

Desiree was involved with wicca and used tarot cards. She had an adulterous affair with a medium.

He taught her to meditate in order to help her channel spirits. She also did Kundalini Yoga for the same purpose. They both had powerful supernatural experiences.



Desiree became addicted to seeking advice from these chanelled ‘spirit guides’. She was manipulated into leaving her husband, family and friends, developing an over dependence on spirits and her lover.

When he went into trance, sometimes he’d black out and so called spirit guides came through him and ”petted” Desiree. He would have no recollection of this.

Eventually, she became more alarmed as the spirits and spirit guides that she and her boyfriend channelled lied and broke promises to them!

She, like so many who dabble in the esoteric in any form, became tormented by these spirits and couldn’t break free from them.

Hear her story. Hear how she discovered Jesus Christ was truly God and how He set her free from demonic attacks and transformed her life!

Desiree declares she now has a beautiful life and that it is the daily walking with Jesus, that brings that beautiful life. Amen!




Many thanks for taking time to read and share the above post. For similar posts please visit my blog Your Spiritual Quest.


Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show.


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More censorship? ICANN and our internet being sent to multi-national corporations!!!

One World Government - One Internet

One World Government – One Internet

Lisa Haven of Before It’s News shared the below Facebook post almost 24 hours ago for American citizens. We all need to read this whatever nation we live in. I know it’s late but there’s still time to answer Lisa’s call for action!

Lisa Haven of Before It's News

Lisa Haven of Before It’s News

“Attention everyone please contact your senators about ICANN and our internet being sent to multi-national corporations. Do this NOW before Oct. 1st. Please let them know how you feel.” Lisa Haven.

Here’s the website to find your senators email address:

Here’s an example of what someone sent me that you can use to sent to your senator:

Dear Senator _____,

I am calling on you and other members of congress to stop President Obama’s surrender of the Internet by ceding oversight of ICANN to a multi-national organization.

I believe this unconstitutional and very misguided action will empower our enemies and diminish our national defense.

Newsweek says this action “shed[s] the last remnants of Internet control by America.” A Wall Street Journal OpEd calls it “America’s Internet Surrender” that opens the Internet up to “censorship” from regimes such as China and Russia. And Barack Obama’s actions fuel Vladimir Putin’s stated goal of “international control of the Internet,” and the United Nation’s desire for censorship of search engines.

I am urging lawmakers to take aggressive action to ensure that our remaining oversight of the Internet is NOT ceded to the international community.

That’s why I are calling for the passage of Senator Cruz’ S.3034 – Protecting Internet Freedom Act, and the same bill in the House of Representatives as offered by Congressman Sean Duffy.

In addition, you swore and oath to protect the U.S. Constitution. If you do not fight this matter, I believe you would be neglecting this oath and, therefore, plan on doing everything possible to fight your re-election regardless of who your opponent might be.

Thank you for taking appropriate to stop this egregious action by the Obama administration.

Senators of the 114th Congress
George Orwell quote - From Trumpet Blast Warning by Jason Carter.

George Orwell quote – From Trumpet Blast Warning by Jason Carter.

Lisa Haven of Before It’s News: Link to her Before It’s News Facebook page.

Before It's News

Before It’s News


My own Facebook post today:

More levels of censorship coming to the internet tonight at midnight, thanx to Obama. Here’s just one example of what may come. After watching it, please see a more realistic interpretation of it below! George Orwell’s 1984 wasn’t far wrong!

Martial Law?

Martial Law?

I still find it strange many still don’t believe the Bible, since world history and current events are clearly signposted all through biblical prophecy. Laura Maxwell

Let’s continue to pray for global events in Jesus name, amen.


Trust in Jesus

Trust in Jesus


Many thanks for taking time to read and share the above post. For similar posts please visit my blog Your Spiritual Quest.


Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show.

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